willagirl giver: Georgia

At willa, we know the heart is huge and the desire to give is endless. That’s why we partnered with GiveBack.org—so willagirls can share their earnings and make a difference in others’ lives. Meet Georgia. She’s our willagirl giver of the month and shares her favorite charities and what inspires her generosity.

Name: Georgia

I love: photography, spending time with my friends, travel and playing sports.

My favorite willa product: is the Start Fresh Foaming Face Wash because it leaves my skin feeling fresh and really smooth!!
My guilty pleasures: are eating macaroons. Also, staying up late and watching movies!! (Like Bride Wars and The Devil Wears Prada.)

My dream is to: do something I love, like fashion, but still donate to charities.

I love being a willagirl: because I can express myself and be confident when I’m talking to other girls and teaching them how to care for their skin.

My favorite charity is: Art from the Heart. They redesign the bedrooms of pediatric cancer patients.

I hope that my willa business will: inspire other girls to donate charities of their choice. I would also like to start a charity of my own that has something to do with kids in the future!! I think it’s always important to think of others and have fun doing it!

Have a big heart and want to give back, just like Georgia? Join the gang. Become a willagirl. You’ll have the chance to support your favorite causes and be featured on the journal and willa GiveBack.org page.