Ask Willa: school + willa?

Hey guys,

Willa (the girl) here. We’ve received a ton of questions on Ask Willa and I love responding to them. One of the questions was:

“How do you manage willa and school??”

Definitely a good question—I’m still trying to figure it all out, but I realize that time management is critical. I’m an avid list maker. Making to-do lists is really helpful for me to organize myself and my schedule. I’ll make an outline of what schoolwork I have going on and will also get help from the team @ willa HQ to figure out the company’s plans for the week.

**attn willagirls: check out the willa planner in your biz kit, it’s really helpful for setting goals for your biz and planning your activities/parties. Trust me, I depend on `mine like all the time.**

loove working at willa. I try to come into the willa office every day after school, but, of course, school is the priority (thanks, Mom). I’ll end up working at the office around three to four days of the week, and I won’t go in on days when I have a test/project due the next day. We have a really incredible team, so I’m always surrounded by a ton of cool, smart gals (+ Dmitriy, our one dude who is the Director of Engineering) who are really committed to our willa mission—it’s so great. Keep the questions comin’ over at Ask Willa! (P.S. Check out my video answer on our YouTube channel.)