Welcome to willa

Hi guys,

Welcome to willa! Some of you might know our brand and products already and notice that things look a little different around here…

First off, we’ve changed our look and business model. Why? Well, we’ve all grown up and figured the brand should too. Plus, we want willa to be more than just healthy skincare and beauty products. We want to change the definition of beauty and futures while doing it. With our new social selling model, you can learn real-life skills, earn real money and be your own boss—just by becoming a willagirl.

Our willa journal has new, fun features, too. On Ask Willa, you can ask me questions about beauty, life or being a willagirl, in general. I’ll answer questions here, on the journal, or on our YouTube channel. Matin, willa’s Beauty Director and celebrity makeup artist, will share his amazing makeup tutorials in Matin’s Master Class. And our willagirl of the week features real willagirls and what they’re up to with willa.

Don’t be shy. Reach out! Share yourself using your fave willa products on Instagram and of course thanks for reading! I hope you love the blog as much as I do : )



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