Willagirl: Grace Nguyen

Meet Grace. Aside from being a willagirl she’s got her own burgeoning blog, therunwaygirl. She shares how she got started, the importance of a strong network, sharing your biz on social media and, of course, her beauty tips.

Two years ago, Grace got her start blogging on Tumblr where she amassed over 10,000 followers, though she admits, “I didn’t really start blogging weekly until about six months ago.” Through her social profiles, she shares her contact info (allowing brands reach out for collaborations) and has created a strong circle of fellow bloggers and willagirls (like Beansiie) who provide invaluable friendship. “We’re all in the same company so it’s good to reach out and support one another,” she says when connecting with other willagirls for advice, support and even friendship.

Like anyone with their own vision and business, Grace remembers her early apprehension about blogging. “I used to be really scared. I thought that school friends might make fun of me. In the end, I kept in mind that if blogging is what I plan on doing in the future, I have to start sometime. You can’t focus all your energy about what people are saying about you. If you enjoy doing something, why give your attention to what other people are saying?” Currently a junior in high school who speaks three languages (English, French and Vietnamese—NBD), Grace hopes to make New York City home after graduation and spend two years abroad in France.

As some one who is self-described as, “always in a rush in the morning,” she says, “willa Face the Day SPF 30 with the built-in tint makes it so easy for me. I feel better with less. I usually just curl my lashes, put some mascara, fill in a bit of my brows and add some regular lip balm!” Her other favorite willa products of choice? “The Take Action Acne Spot Treatment and Face Friendly Clear Face Moisturizer! Everytime I get a little spot I just put a dab of the product from the acne pen and it’s literally gone. LA can be very drying so the moisturizer makes me feel so much better. I also drink tons of water—like 8 big mason jar jugs a day!!”

“During the weekend, I try to wear nothing and do face masks to make my face super smooth. willa Fresh Face Cucumber Face Mask is absolutely perfect for that!!!”


photo: Grace Nguyen