The Art of Flying (on a plane, that is)

As school is finally coming to an end, the excitement of summer travel adventures is all I seem to have on my mind (which is a slight issue since I still have a few more finals next week).  Whether your flight is two hours or twelve, the time you spend on the plane can either be rather uncomfortable or actually quite relaxing, depending on how you prepare yourself. Seriously – having your favorite things with you can either have you walking off the plane looking like this…

instead of this…

Road trips are always an amazing time, but lately I’ve been fortunate enough to fly to different places, promoting willa around the country (like our last trip to California for the willagirl event!). Whenever I’m flying I always make sure have my travel bag stocked with my flight essentials so that I can start off my trip energized and excited.

1. Slip on shoes: Going through security with lace-up sneakers or boots can be such a hassle, and no one wants to be sprinting through the airport to make a connection flight in flip-flops. I always make sure to be wearing slip on shoes whenever I’m heading to the airport. My favorite are Soludos – they come in a ton of colors and patterns (I’m really loving these leather ones right now) and in addition to being the perfect travel shoes, they’ll also look great whether you’re exploring a new city or lounging on the beach.

2. My willa pouch: One of the worst feelings while traveling is reaching into your bag and not being able to find your boarding pass/passport/ID/etc. I never head to the airport without making sure I have all of these tucked away in my pouch along with a lip butter, my headphones, a pen, and anything else that I can’t live without at the moment.

3. A huge water bottle: Flying can seriously suck your skin and body dry, so it’s so important to have water with you on the flight. I make sure to bring my own water bottle with me (I have this one with me wherever I go) because airport water is way over priced and last time I checked, it doesn’t have magical beauty powers. Besides, having a cool water bottle with you is way cuter than a plastic one in addition to being way better for the environment.

4. Snacks: It’s no fun being hangry (hungry/angry) on the plane, so I always pick up some snacks to munch on throughout the flight. While the free little baggies of pretzels and cookies are yummy (and who doesn’t love free snacks – lets face it, we’ve all been guilty of grabbing like 8 when the flight attendant walks by), they’re not great for properly fueling your body so you can hop of the plane ready to go. I always like to have almonds, a couple granola bars and some gum.

5. Something to do: In the instance that you’ve already seen the movies they’re showing on the plane three times, it’s always a good idea to have something to pass the time – and a plane hour can be the slowest kind of hour when you just can’t wait to get to your destination. Flights are a perfect time to catch up on your summer reading, whether it be a great book or the last issue of Teen Vogue.

6. Cozy socks: I LOVE FUN SOCKS. They’re one of my favorite things to travel with because they’re so much better than plain athletic socks and cozy feet = happy feet = happy Willa.

7. GOOD MUSIC: My absolute travel essential. A good playlist can make a huge difference on your flight experience, whether you’re trying to nap (read: lightly dozing off while sitting in a weird position to try and be comfortable) or get pumped up for the adventures to come. Stay tuned for our upcoming willa Spotify account for some awesome music.

I hope that these inspire your packing list for any upcoming travels, and let us know if you have any suggestions we have to try on our next flight!

Xo, Willa (the girl)


Screen Shot 2015-06-12 at 12.45.27 PMbkr_16oz_bambi_900x900


    1. Soludos Leather Smoking Slippers               3. bkr Glass Water Bottle 

11555-pdp                      Socksmith_Cookies_n_milk_crew_socks_bright_blue_sockdrawer_1024x1024


                 2. willa Pouch                                           6. Milk and Cookies Socks


Cover Photo: Contact Press Images