Start Young. Stay Young.

When my Mom was my age she didn’t think much about her skin at all. The notion of a skincare routine was something you did when you were older. For breakouts, she treated acne with harsh products. If it stung or made her face red, that meant it must be strong and therefore good for her. She thought benzoyl peroxide was her friend after all, it was in all the commercials. And when it came to the sun, she says she couldn’t get enough. She loved to be tan. And like so many girls back in the day, she used a cookie sheet as a reflector to magnify the sun’s rays.

She made a lot of skincare mistakes and some years ago we determined I would not repeat them. I am so, grateful she taught me early on how I take care of myself will have a big impact on my future health. That’s why at willa we say, Start Young. Stay Young.

Mom was also the first to teach me that healthy skin isn’t just about skincare products; it’s also about making healthy choices like getting enough sleep and exercising and eating right. (Have you noticed all the studies coming out about sugar and salt? We all use way too much of both.) Honestly, for me, this is a work in progress. I don’t get enough sleep: A heavy school workload has cut down my nightly ZZzzs; only 6 hours on some nights. And bad sleep habits generally lead to bad eating habits. So I’m trying to do better, but I can’t check the sleep and eating boxes yet. Exercise is different. I love running so a checkmark goes there.

My dad had the radio on in the car the other day. A Rod Stewart song came on and the lyric was, “I wish I knew then what I know now, when I was younger.” And it hit me. That’s what willa is all about, right? Having the wisdom now—while we’re younger—to make good choices—and to be smart about skincare—because that really will help us…when we get older.


Willa (the girl)