Letter from the Editor: August Edition

Less than 4 weeks to the new school year and I’m already stressing out about getting stressed out (as thus illustrated in the eloquent tumblr post below).

tumblr reference

As much as I adore the whole idea of kicking back and relaxing during summer, I’ve realized that some work must get done now in order to spare me of a potential major crisis right when school resumes. So in an effort to not have a repeat of last year’s major cram to get everything done in the last day leading up to the first day of school, I’ve made a commitment to myself, and my sanity to get organized now.

What does that mean? Well, most importantly, it means procrastinating less and planning more.

So I’ve created this organization bible (future blog post to come) where I have prioritized lists of everything I need to accomplish over the next 28 days of summer. Writing it down—and seeing it in bold has already made a big difference. I’ve broken down what I need to get done in bite size chunks that seem manageable. While the list is quite long, it is broken up so instead of it being one HUGE idea like “get conditioned for cross country” or “read two 400 page books“, it now reads as run 2 miles/day for 5 days and read 30 pages/day.

So while I guess while you could say I’ve already procrastinated way too much already to be in the mini crisis I am in now, I’m feeling pretty great already because I have a much more approachable (and frankly less terrifying) way to get it done. One day down. 27 to go.