#HealthyEats Avocado Toast

Meet Hollis, one of our current willa interns – you may recognize her from some of some of our older Instagram and blog posts, because this is her second summer with us! She’s a rising sophomore at Harvard, where she’s also on the varsity water polo team. As an athlete, she knows how important it is to treat your body well, whether it’s the products you use or the food you eat. Stay tuned for more #HealthyEats posts on how to make your inner foodie happy while still staying healthy ☺️



(At a geothermal bath in Iceland earlier this summer!)

Real beauty depends on so much more than the products you use – your skin is your biggest organ, which means that it’s affected by both its internal and external environments. Remember when your mom said “you are what you eat” in order to get you to finish the pile of over-steamed broccoli on your plate? Turns out she wasn’t lying. Food is your body’s fuel, and when you’re not making the right choices in what you eat, it’s really hard to become the confident young woman we know you are (let alone make it through the day without passing out on the couch).

One way you can work in the nutrients to get your skin glowing is through eating avocados! They’re often considered one of the healthiest foods in the world because the contain an excess of over 25 different essential nutrients – chalked full of protein, fiber, and antioxidants, adding avocados to your diet will get you one step closer to glowing skin. They’re an awesome way to improve and meal or snack, but here’s my favorite super simple recipe for avocados on toast to keep you happy and healthy.


1 Whole Avocado

2 Slices Sprouted Grain Bread

3 Tbsp Olive Oil

Sea Salt Flakes to taste

Chili Flakes to taste

¼ Lemon or to taste


Directions: While you lightly toast the two slices of bread, cut the avocado in half, remove the skin, and then make thin slices. Once the toast is done, drizzle the olive oil evenly over each piece. Layer on the avocados and dress it with the lemon. Finally, add sea salt and chili flakes to taste.