Drum roll please….

While we firmly believe that your skin is your best makeup, sometimes the giant pimple that has you running to hide under the covers is a genetic inevitability, or your late nigh watching hours of Netflix is evidenced by the dark circles under your eyes. We can totally relate, and now we’ve got you covered. Literally. Welcome the newest member of the willa family comes in: the Out-of-Sight Concealer Pen.

It seems that suffering from a case of cake-y concealer is part of the female plight—but we consider Out-of-sight to be the first step towards eliminating this epidemic.  We’ve been wanting to make a concealer since day one, but we knew it wouldn’t be easy. We’ve spent hours on end scrutinizing samples to create the perfect formula. Our concealer is highly pigmented, yet sheer and blendable. We specifically chose a small particle size so that the product looks like its actually part of your skin, and not just sitting on the surface. We also get that you want your coverage to last all day – but without the use of a cocktail of toxic chemicals. So unlike other brands, ours doesn’t include parabens, a preservative that in addition to being an endocrine disruptor, is also linked to breast cancer.


Matin Beauty Director

However, we could not have met our high standards without the genius of our Beauty Director, Matin Maulawizada, celebrity makeup artist extraordinaire. As a man who has put a lot of concealers to the test (read: the scrutinizing camera’s and flashing lights of the red carpet), he definitely knows the good from the bad… according to him, here’s why willa’s is the best of the good.

Why is Out of Sight different from other concealers?

MM: Most products that come in this form are highlighters, not concealers, so they don’t cover effectively. I selected and tested this concealer so that if needed, it can perform on long photoshoots in studios under hot lights as well as on location under different conditions. I love the click pen with a brush so it can be an all-in-one type of product. The built in brush is easy to take with you and apply touch-ups if needed.


What’s the best way to use the Out-of-Sight Concealer Pen?

MM: Start by clicking the pen until a small amount of the product comes out. Brush it back and forth on the back of your hand so that the concealer gets equally distributed throughout the brush, and the majority of the product tis on the back of your hand. Pick up a small amount at a time back on the brush to cover exactly what you need, then tap gently with your ring finger to blend it into your skin. For an über fresh and natural yet flawless look, use Out-of-Sight concealer not only for dark circles but also for any discoloration or spots – this will give you a perfect complexion without looking like your beauty is hiding behind a mask.

P.S. If you’re covering up a blemish or sunspot and also using foundation, make sure that the concealer is used AFTER the foundation is applied.

How should you pick a shade?

MM: You should choose a shade that matches your skin tone as closely as possible. Although there are only four shades, each one has been formulated to effectively balance and correct a variety of tones. If you get tanner during the summer, you could also order the next shade up and mix with your original shade until your skin returns to its original color.