Bullet Journals and Other Thoughts

Hey guys!! So as summer comes to a close and school starts (ugh) the need to prioritize and organize becomes more important than ever. Finding balance can be hard. Finding time for our school work, our businesses, and ourselves can be a challenge. I’m a to-do list type of person, and have found writing everything down (schedules, homework, obligations) to be SOO helpful. I came across bullet journals on tumblr a few years ago, and started my own last summer. Sometimes looking at everything we need to do as a whole can be overwhelming and stressful, but I’ve found that breaking down tasks into small and manageable chunks makes all the difference. Sometimes at the end of the day, it’s easy to feel like you haven’t gotten enough done- we’ve all been there. I’ve found that there is nothing more gratifying than checking off a box and it’s also super fun to make too:)

So for this school year I want you guys to be happy-  prioritize, start long term projects in advance, study smart, but also make time for yourself. Go outside. Go hang out with your friends. BE A KID. This year I’ll be starting junior year and if there is one thing I’ve learned from the past two years in high school is that time goes by really quickly, and we need to remember to live fully and passionately. Challenge yourself this year. Go outside your comfort zone. Go be a really good friend. Go surprise yourself with what you can accomplish. Go do things that excite and scare you– it’ll be so worth it, promise.

I recently posted this to kick off the school year in our Willagirl facebook group, which I’m really excited about. Having a community just for us to talk- about our accomplishments, challenges, and experiences- is so exciting and makes me really happy (If you’re a willagirl and not in it yet, check it out!!). The willa family has always been so important to me and this new space for us to be with each other seems like a natural extension of that. In addition, there is nothing I love more than learning from you guys- I am continually inspired every single day by the people who have been helping create willa- from our team of chemists and dermatologists at the lab, to our amazing gang at willa HQ, to our base of willagirls and consultants. You are so incredible in your drive, determination, and commitment to your families and achieving your goals, and hearing your stories has always meant so much to me.