What’s a willagirl?

What you need to know about willa skincare willagirl—our official definition ; )

A willagirl is:

– anyone (guys, too!) who shares willa products with others and builds a team
– an entreprenuer who goes after his or her #GOALS! willagirls are their own bosses and make their own $$
– someone who shares smart skincare and teaches healthy skincare habits
– inspired to change the world and earn some $ while doing it
tech savvy and checking on the biz with the willa app (promise, mom and dad)
in charge of her own $$, responsible and giving. willagirls donate their earnings to their favorite charities through GiveBack.org, save using their 529 college savings account or finally take that photography class they’ve been thinking about foreverrrr, using their willagirl PayCard.

willagirls also get cool opportunities—hello, free concert tickets!—and access to exclusive willa swag. There’s a product discount, too. Does a willagirl sound a lot like you? (We’re guessing yes.) Join the gang. Become a willagirl!